Monday, August 5, 2013

back to school: how to dress up without breaking your school's dress code!

Hii guys

how are you all doing? So anyway, today we are gonna talk about 
Four different ways to dress comfy and casual to school, without backing the dress code. 

But just before we begin, in 3 month or less I'm going to post with my own pictures. Which means that I'm gonna take pics of myself I'm my camera and post it instead of a normal pic you can fined online. The reason I don’t do it now is because my camera broke, and I need to buy a new one, and I'm gonna buy it in three month and then I'm gonna post OOTD pics, DIY’s , and give you a look about my style. So anyway, let’s begin!


Sooo let’s start with the most drastic dress code I ever heard of. It’s in some school in London; I have a friend from there. They have a full outfit planned for then, included blazer, button up shirt, skirt, and socks. The only thing I didn’t mention is shoes. Now when it’s come to shoes, you always have to be careful about what you choose to wear, and to which Occasion. You can’t come with high hills to school, since your legs gonna hurt like hell when you come back,
sooo…. I would recommend the platform shoes, sneakers, or converse. For this Exacting dress code I would go with converse. There is a new collection with this amazing bright colors, costing 50$ for a pair
(pic 1) buy it here!

Graphic T-Shirts

when it comes to t-shirts, try and find some of that really cool graphic pattern on them. (Pic 2) make sure that you try it on before buying, because it may be a little short and you could break the dress code. Big advantage about t shirts is that they could be paired with almost anything!  So it could come in handy in your lazy days!! (Which is every day if you are me) 
buy the t-shirt in pic 2 here!

High waist

jeans, skirts shorts, everything go’s! Do you know it when you find that amazing tank top
that just too short to go to school with? I got you covered girl! Just throw on some high waited shorts and you good to go! The high wasted shorts, gonna cover your belly and make it school appropriate! My fav website to buy it has to be, they have really good Quality, and the shorts and jeans are amazing! (The short from pic 3 is from there it cost £65.00 instead of 130! buy it here!)


One of my favorite ways to spice up my look in the daily basis. I have maybe 4 different denim jackets in my closet! I don’t really tend to buy there, because I usually never find anything there, but every now and then I finding something nice like that denim jacket in pic 4 it cost 60$ and I really love it. In fact Maybe I’ll buy it later this month :) buy it here ♥♥♥

this is it guys! Hope you enjoyed it! Now please help me choose my next post! :
1. The perfect backpack
2. Back to school fashion must haves
3.fashionable and affordable places to buy the school “must haves”


please comment below your choice ♥♥♥

EJlovesFashion ♥ 

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